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Harden your brand against competitive communications

Deliver consistency across channels and meaningful value to customers

By Charlie Ogden • CEO, Antics Digital Marketing • August 6, 2013

The phenomenon of digital communications has become a competitive enabler. On the one hand, it has leveled the playing field, allowing new market entrants a way to build rapid awareness. On the other hand, it has created a way for forward-thinking companies to minimize competitive threats. Market-leading brands must consider their entire communications mix and… Read more »

Linear vs. non-linear marketing automation

How non-linear marketing automation helps you improve the customer experience

By Charlie Ogden • CEO, Antics Digital Marketing • August 2, 2013

Most software systems that automate marketing campaigns are designed to be linear. They allow you to create a linear sequence of events, some based on a set number of days, some based on customer responses. A typical sequence is: create a list, send email to the list, wait several days and send another email to… Read more »

Gamification is a terrible term

Take care in applying game theory to marketing campaigns

By Charlie Ogden • CEO, Antics Digital Marketing • July 30, 2013

Applying game theory to marketing campaigns can be very effective. In fact, having a background in toys and games, it’s a technique that I’ve applied for years with great success. So what’s the problem with “Gamification”? It has come to imply that you should turn your marketing campaign into a game, using points, badges, and… Read more »

What is the value of an online relationship?

By Kathryn Lewis • Director of Strategy • January 6, 2013

There’s much discussion today about how to assign monetary value to the number of impressions—primary and pass-along—that social media provides. Earlier this year, Nielson and Facebook collaborated on research to understand the value of an impression. They analyzed the uptick in recall, awareness, and purchase intent related to homepage engagement ads, like becoming a fan,… Read more »

Taking the mystery out of effective subject lines

By Mindy Chase • November 3, 2012

A friend recently asked me what makes a great subject line. His wife was working on an email blast for her company and she wasn’t satisfied with her subject line. He asked if I could point him to a website or two that had do’s and don’ts for subject lines. Of course there are seemingly… Read more »