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Don’t be a cliché

It’s easy to fall into the cliché trap, so to speak

By Barrie Moore • General Manager, Antics Digital Marketing • October 9, 2013

As nerdy as this may sound, I subscribe to an enewsletter dedicated to grammar tips. I know it may not be possible to always follow grammar rules in 140 characters or less, but I think it is important to at least know when you are breaking rules and so I enjoy the occasional refresher on… Read more »

Chipotle’s new Scarecrow campaign is a cross-channel fiesta

What are the elements of a great cross-channel campaign? It’s sort of like a burrito

By Barrie Moore • General Manager, Antics Digital Marketing • September 16, 2013

The great thing about burritos is that there are endless combinations to choose from and everyone can make their own exactly as they like it. The same is true for a great cross-channel marketing campaign, there is something for everyone and each person can have their own unique experience. Chipotle’s new Scarecrow campaign is a… Read more »

Don’t confuse being edgy with going too far

Make sure the emotional connections you create with your brand are positive ones

By Barrie Moore • General Manager, Antics Digital Marketing • September 10, 2013

Unwittingly creating an ad that goes too far isn’t new, but in the increasingly frenzied race to stand out and be noticed, it seems to me there are more and more examples of brands who mistake getting attention, for building affection. Today’s story on Adweek brings us the latest winner of the “What Were They… Read more »

Use original content to build brand value outside the buying cycle

Take a category leadership approach to broaden your content options

By Charlie Ogden • CEO, Antics Digital Marketing • September 4, 2013

We sometimes hear clients lament a limited availability of good content for their blogs or campaigns, but in reality, by taking the category leadership approach, there’s no shortage of content and tools that can be created for your brand. The key is to provide meaningful insights, research, materials, and tools that educate customers about your… Read more »

Supercharge customer acquisition with loyalty marketing techniques

3 loyalty marketing techniques to boost the ROI of customer acquisition

By Charlie Ogden • CEO, Antics Digital Marketing • August 19, 2013

To some, loyalty marketing is the practice of offering rewards in return for repeat purchases. To us, while rewards can be a useful tool, loyalty marketing is the systematic process of moving customers to a heightened state of brand loyalty, a state in which your brand is top of mind, trusted, and thought of as… Read more »