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Search Engine Marketing for pharma: using non-branded promotional SEM ads in compliance with FDA guidelines

See how pharma marketers make “blind” ads work harder – and meet FDA mandates for copy content and stringent SEM character count constraints.

By Kathryn Lewis • Director of Strategy • July 23, 2014

The most common form of SEM advertising employed by pharma is the non-branded promotional ad. Because these ads do not include brand, they are not required to meet the FDA requirements for generic name inclusion, dosing, indication, and most importantly, fair balance risk information, which can consume an often prohibitive amount of copy content “real… Read more »

Search Engine Marketing for pharma: low cost; high value

SEM can help pharma marketers do real-time market research and generate leads quickly, easily and economically.

By Kathryn Lewis • Director of Strategy • July 21, 2014

By virtually any measure – production cost, cost of media space, cost per click, cost per lead, or cost per conversion, Search Engine Marketing, and particularly Paid Search, provides far and away the biggest bang for the advertising buck. In our experience, not only does SEM deliver exceedingly high value for exceptionally low cost, it… Read more »

Antics selected for CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising Digital Marketing Solution Providers

By Charlie Ogden • CEO, Antics Digital Marketing • June 20, 2014

CIO Review has selected Antics for its list of the 20 Most Promising Digital Marketing Solution Providers. The CIO Review editorial research team analyzed more than 1,000 companies and identified Antics as being at the forefront of next-generation solution providers for digital marketing. “Antics Digital Marketing has been on our radar for some time now… Read more »

The emerging trend of utility marketing

How to increase customer engagement by adding functional value to your campaigns

By Charlie Ogden • CEO, Antics Digital Marketing • May 21, 2014

Utility campaigns use technology to get customers more engaged with your brand. New technologies have afforded us the opportunity to think differently about marketing campaigns. By using web and mobile apps connected to behind-the-scenes computer intelligence, utility campaigns provide real value to customers, enhancing their experience with a brand. Utility marketing is kind of like… Read more »

How mobile apps can work for your brand

Design them to increase engagement, promote sharing, and facilitate conversion

By Charlie Ogden • CEO, Antics Digital Marketing • March 18, 2014

I wrote another post about using an app to increase digital response rates (see “How an app increased conversion rates 500%”). But apps can have broader effects too, including increasing brand engagement, awareness via social sharing, and retention. For use in a marketing campaign, it’s critical that the app have stand-alone utility that supplements the… Read more »