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Take a category leadership approach to broaden your content options

By Charlie Ogden • CEO, Antics Digital Marketing • September 4, 2013

We sometimes hear clients lament a limited availability of good content for their blogs or campaigns, but in reality, by taking the category leadership approach, there’s no shortage of content and tools that can be created for your brand. The key is to provide meaningful insights, research, materials, and tools that educate customers about your market category and help them navigate their journey with respect to the category.

Your brand should be providing value to customers before, after, and in between purchases. In this sense, your marketing initiative is like a product itself. When you provide unique value that keeps prospects and customers engaged, you are distinguishing your brand from the competition.

While there is no shortage of content available to customers, and a plethora of self-proclaimed gurus, a brand with marketing-leading products in a category has an opportunity to be the trusted expert or thought leader in the category. To be that trusted expert you need to be delivering content and materials that customers find relevant and useful, content that is unique enough that you become the preferred source.

For example, if the essence of your brand is providing health benefits to women, you can build value outside the buying cycle by delivering tools that help women track their own health indicators, or set periodic reminders for themselves, or receive weekly tips from contributors on maintaining a healthy regimen, or juggling the work-life balance.

When you make your brand known not just for your products but for the entire experience that represents a customer’s journey in your category you’ll earn higher levels of engagement that help keep competitive threats at bay, engender loyalty, and increase customer lifetime value.

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