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Monthly Archives:: September 2013

Chipotle’s new Scarecrow campaign is a cross-channel fiesta

Posted by & filed under Consumer Digital Marketing, Multi-Channel Marketing.

The great thing about burritos is that there are endless combinations to choose from and everyone can make their own exactly as they like it. The same is true for a great cross-channel marketing campaign, there is something for everyone and each person can have their own unique experience. Chipotle’s new Scarecrow campaign is a… Read more »

Use original content to build brand value outside the buying cycle

Posted by & filed under Healthcare Digital Marketing, Marketing Effectiveness.

We sometimes hear clients lament a limited availability of good content for their blogs or campaigns, but in reality, by taking the category leadership approach, there’s no shortage of content and tools that can be created for your brand. The key is to provide meaningful insights, research, materials, and tools that educate customers about your… Read more »