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Monthly Archives:: August 2013

Harden your brand against competitive communications

Posted by & filed under B2B Digital Marketing, Consumer Digital Marketing, Marketing Effectiveness, Multi-Channel Marketing.

The phenomenon of digital communications has become a competitive enabler. On the one hand, it has leveled the playing field, allowing new market entrants a way to build rapid awareness. On the other hand, it has created a way for forward-thinking companies to minimize competitive threats. Market-leading brands must consider their entire communications mix and… Read more »

Linear vs. non-linear marketing automation

Posted by & filed under Marketing Automation.

Most software systems that automate marketing campaigns are designed to be linear. They allow you to create a linear sequence of events, some based on a set number of days, some based on customer responses. A typical sequence is: create a list, send email to the list, wait several days and send another email to… Read more »